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CTC27B23EI plenty of space for fresh food by converting

CTC27B23EI plenty of space for fresh food by converting

₹38,990.00 Regular Price
₹31,990.00Sale Price
  •  VarioInverter compressor: Optimizes cooling conditions to provide energy saving, silent operation and long lasting performance


    Adjust to the temperature changes inside and outside the refrigerator and provides optimal performance* even during voltage fluctuations.

    VarioInverter works by adjusting to the changes in temperatures inside and outside the refrigerator and the load within. When the door is closed for a long period of time, it runs at a slower speed with lower noise levels and it helps keep your food at an optimal temperature. It also provides optimal performance* during voltage fluctuations. So, you can enjoy less noise, while consuming less energy, and a more stable performance


  •  VitaFresh: keeps food fresh for longer in climate controlled drawers at near 0�C.


    Your fruit & vegetables and fish & meat stay fresh for longer.

    The VitaFresh system offers the ideal storage environment for all your fresh food thanks to climate and temperature control. Fish and meat stays fresh for longer at a  temperature near 0�C. Fruit and vegetables benefit from an optimized climate. More food to enjoy, less food wasted.


  • Power Secure Switch: Automatically connects to home UPS in case of power cuts.
  •  FreshSense: Multiple Intelligent sensors to keep an eye on temperature and create perfect storage climate
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